Occasional service

Child Transport

All our buses, referring to the Collective Transport of Children, meet the requirements imposed in accordance with the legislation in force. For a better customer service, we have buses equipped with 3-point belts, as well as group 2 – 3 booster seats.

Senior Tourism

In order to make the days happier for these young people, Costa Ferreira organizes group events (transport + meal + entertainment), either for individuals or for Parish Councils, Day/Night Centres, Homes, as well as for others who are requested.

Rentals and Excursions

As part of the Occasional Service, we have a vast fleet (see history/fleet) so that families, friends or groups can enjoy our buses for tours, business trips or others.

Travel and Tourism

In order to complement our main activity, we have a travel agency in our group, providing all the necessary services to our customers, such as: booking of stays, meals, events, plane bookings, travel insurance, finalist trips , between others!

We draw up protocols with various entities (schools, companies, among others) for booking leisure/business trips at attractive prices.

Other services